Learn about the services we offer for athletes:

Sport Specific

For our sport specific training The Kongo Gym writes custom workout plans for each athlete. The workout plan will be based on the age of the athlete, what sport they play, and what position in that sport they play. From there Chaz will customize a speed, strength, agility, and diet plan to best maximize the training the athlete will do at The Kongo Gym. Every movement an athlete will do will help him or her succeed in their specific sport. We GUARANTEE to improve every athlete that comes into The Kongo Gym.

Team Training

For teams that are looking for an off season training program, look no further. Here at The Kongo Gym we offer custom team training programs for any sport. We will write a custom speed, strength, and agility plan for any team looking to further their athletic goals. When team training we group together position groups that will do similar workouts. We keep each group to about 3-4 athletes to help keep the workouts intense and on pace. The Kongo Gym can write a program for any team 8 yrs old and up.

General Fitness

The Kongo Gym also offers training to former athletes or anyone still trying to stay in shape. We will still treat you as the athlete you used to be. We get all of our general fitness clients on a strict diet to help them maximize their results. The Kongo Gym will also write them their own workout plan based on the goals they have for themselves. We love helping people live healthy lives just as much as we like to help athletes chase their dreams.